My journey to health
In 1986 I was a college student in Scotland studying Art & Design. I was busy with school and working two jobs, dating and socializing. I was burning the candle at both ends and loving every minute! I started to experience cramping and bowel urgency during this timeframe. It wasn’t until I began to have rectal bleeding that I went to my GP; his suggestion was to eat more fiber and not to worry.

That same year I met a wonderful American man, fell in love and immigrated to America. It was a stressful time; I was planning my wedding, I began to have increasing bowel urgency, cramping, bleeding and fatigue. I found a PCP that also had a background in gastroenterology, he performed a colonoscopy and I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I was prescribed medication and told that this would be a lifelong disorder that I would have to learn to live with. During my worst times when I was having 3-4 flairs a year, that lasted months at a time, I questioned if I was really living or just surviving. I was afraid to leave the house or plan a day out because I wasn’t sure I would make it to the toilet in time. I figured out that if I didn’t eat all day then I would be safe to attend social gatherings. I knew where every toilet was and when visiting friends / family I would ask to have a toilet available only to me if possible. I always had a change of clothing with me wherever I went. I lived like that for 27 years!!

I should tell you that I eventually changed my career from Art to the Medical field; I’ve been managing 2 medical practices for the past 15 years. I thought I had educated myself with every cutting edge treatment available for Ulcerative Colitis - I tried them all with little to no relief.
I met Doctor Angela Lambert at a Women’s Business workshop in 2012; we sat at the same table during the lunch break and I felt a connection with her immediately. She noted the dark circles under my eyes and advised that it wasn’t “normal.” I booked a consult with her and within a few weeks of following her medical advice, taking the supplements, and changing my diet I began to experience decreased cramping, bowel urgency and fatigue.

Since beginning treatment with Dr. Angela I have had 2 minimal flairs that lasted a few days. Within the first year of treatment, the dark circles under my eyes have lightened considerably, my latest colonoscopy revealed that the UC has gone from moderate to mild and best of all, I can eat & attend social functions. I finally have my life back! Thank you Dr. Angela Lambert.

Age: 50

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After seeing Doctor Angela Lambert for the last three months, I have made more progress with my health issues than I did in 20 -30 years of seeking the help of ‘conventional’ medical doctors!   I have become a huge fan of Naturopathic medicine and Dr. Lambert in particular.  She is a very caring, very accessible doctor.   I’ve never felt the superior attitude that you get from many other medical professionals – the care you get in her office is a collaborative effort.  I tend to do a lot of my own research and she is always willing to listen and discuss the pros and cons of any approach I might want to try.   It’s been a wonderful experience to work with someone who does not immediately suggest pharmaceuticals, but starts by looking at the root cause of illness, not just suppressing symptoms with drugs!   I like that she approaches medical issues with a suggested naturopathic treatment first, but also discusses possible medications as a last resort.  Always with your thoughts and feelings at the forefront. I was incredibly tired and frustrated when I first starting seeing Dr. Lambert.  I felt far older than my 55 years, and I thought this would just be the way I would feel as I aged.   Three short months later and I have a much more positive outlook for the future of my health – and I can’t thank her enough!
Valerie Kemp
Stratham, NH

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I have suffered from headaches most of my life. Sometimes they are of migraine magnitude and sometimes they are controlled with a couple of pills (even though I hate taking medicine). Either way, I just accepted them as part of my life and just dealt with the pain. Last Fall I suffered from headache pain for three months. Again this fall the headaches started and it was suggested that I try Naturopathic Medicine and I found my way to Dr. Angela P. Lambert, here in Portsmouth, NH. What a jewel!!!! Within the first five minutes of looking at my chart, she had pegged the cause of my headaches and within a week after following her instructions/orders, my headaches have disappeared. Not only have my headaches diminished, I no longer have aches and pains in my joints, which is an unexpected added bonus!!! I just turned 60 years old and feel better than I did in my 30’s! Dr. Lambert is one of the most knowledgeable doctors I have ever encountered. I have told my family and friends about her and the cures that I am using and they are enjoying newfound health as well!! She is truly a jewel in this modern-medicine era using her Ancient Traditions natural medicines.
- Ruby Kintner, Laconia, NH

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From the day I met Dr. Lambert, my life has changed so drastically. I learned that what I believed was good healthy cooking was truly not. I learned that what I thought was a slowing metabolism causing weight gain was not. I learned that getting on my "healing path" was not easy but was oh so very worth it. After just three short months losing 17% of my original body weight, I gained self respect, self appreciation and felt stronger, more alert, more energetic. Giving up gluten, dairy and striving for a total anti-inflammatory diet was not nearly as hard as I thought. I have found many helpers to make my way easier. I can, and do, cheat once in a while and know that I can without harm. If this wasn't enough, her skills as an acupuncturist have allowed me to stop taking drugs for back pain and given me hope for an avoidance of surgery as a means of relief from that pain.

Bill Fry, age 59

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Dr. Angela and A Healing Path is the first place that I have truly been able to quiet my mind and soul and let the healing begin. She has been a wonderful support for my entire family. She is an expert in the field of acupuncture and naturopathic medicine. Her services have been beneficial on many levels and I am truly graetful for A Healing Path.

Lisa, age 42

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I've been seeing Dr. Angela Lambert for about 3 years - I see her on regular weekly basis - and I look forward to it each day. Everytime I leave the office - I feel AMAZING! It helps me physically as well as emotionally. Simply "AMAZING."


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There is an overwhelming feeling of freedom and happiness when you realize that after many years of complicated health issues, healing can become a reality and it is within grasp.

My story is probably like yours. After years of treatment for various ailments by conventional Western medicine, I found myself in many cases worse not better. None of the doctors who treated me in the past ever looked at me as a whole person and seemingly wanted to treat the symptom, but not the cause. Never did those doctors ask me about me; how I ate, slept, live, etc. How could they diagnose and treat me if they don't know about me?

Upon our first meeting, Dr. Lambert wanted to know about me. She began treating me and my ailments from an entirely different perspective. I now know what it is like to feel well and enjoy my life more than ever. Of course there is a responsibility for me to work at feeling well by adhering to Dr. Lambert's directives whether they be by diet, supplements or therapy. Such a worthy price to pay for being well!

If you have had little success with conventional Western medicine, you owe it to yourself to see Dr. Lambert. You can realize healing and freedom.

Darryl, age 54

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It’s difficult for me to write about my experience with Angela, proven by the 3 times I’ve started this letter. With her as my guide, I’ve resolved chronic physical ailments I’d suffered with for nearly two decades. Bigger than that, Angela has helped me become a better person; a better wife, friend, sister, auntie, and neighbor. If you are wondering whether or not to seek her medical counsel, know this, Angela’s done for me what I’d been told was impossible by countless medical professionals since I was 15. Here’s how it went down:

When I met Angela I was suffering from severe and chronic heart burn. I knew it was diet/stress related and thought a naturopathic remedy appropriate. Angela looked at me physically and emotionally, she wanted to know it all. My first visit was 2+ hours long. I started to feel better over the next few days and within two weeks I had no signs of heart burn. I’d made a connection with Angela and after the success of curing the heart burn I was encouraged to address other physical problems I was experiencing.

I’d been diagnosed with endometriosis, a painful and frustrating disorder, at age 15. I suffered from bouts of grueling pain, mood swings, back aches, constipation, and sleeplessness. To counter act these symptoms I took birth control pills and popped ibuprofen like candy. I was tired of the routine and open to a different approach and had decided to trust Angela with my health. If you have endometriosis, you know taking birth control pills keeps the pain monster at bay and going off it is scary. I expressed my fears, apprehension and at times disbelief, but Angela was so confident, willing and positive. She truly believed she was going to effectively treat my endometriosis, a feat deemed impossible by most of the medical community. Now I am an analytical person by nature and scientist by trade, I trust and believe in medical research and data. How I got from the journal of modern science to solely relying on naturopathic remedies is simple, I felt better and better every month.

Angela has been my doctor for nearly three years. I saw her last week for the first time in a year and I was reminded of the successful and rewarding journey we have been on together. Today I have no endometriosis symptoms and no back pain. Today I live a different life, a better life.

From the bottom of my heart and soul, Thank You! I think you are a superhero.

AG, age 34

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I was experiencing some chronic illness when I was referred to Dr. Angela Lambert. Angela listened very carefully to me and asked insightful questions. She recommended an anti-inflammatory diet, prescribed helpful homeopathic treatments, and used acupuncture and massage. She also encouraged yoga and referred me to an excellent life coach. I followed Angela's recommendations for the most part, but not perfectly. After a few months, I really began to feel some relief. After a year or so, my body just kicked back into a well-functioning mode and I've been really fine ever since. Angela had told me that would happen, but I didn't completely believe it. Now I do. Angela Lambert is a gifted, dedicated, insightful and compassionate healer. I am very grateful for my good health, a huge benefit of Angela's work with me.

Kathleen B.
Retired Teacher

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Ever since I met you, I have been inspired to learn more about what it is to really take good care of myself. I admire how you help people along their journey no matter where they are today or tomorrow. At first it feels like hard work, but your support is what really helps us to clear the other side and experience truly loving ourselves. Thank you for your support and caring.

BM, age 29

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I first went to Dr. Lambert after I hurt my back and all that my regular doctor could think to do was to give me pain killers. I never would have gone to any sort of non traditional doctor, but I was in so much pain that I decided to just see if Dr. Lambert could do anything for me. I walked in doubled over and I walked out upright. I have been with Dr. Lambert for about 7 years now and I am on a journey that is helping me make better choices about my health and lifestyle. It isn't always easy, but I am determined to live an active life if I ever get old... and who knows with all these crazy potions Dr. Lambert gives me...maybe I never will!

Beth, age 43

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I started seeing Dr. Angela Lambert as I approached my 60th birthday, and my regular physician started pushing medicines that a typical 60 year old should have. I suffered from sciatica, and walked with pain for approximately 4 months. I also have some glandular issues that needed to be addressed.

I got to know Dr. Angela last year on a personal basis and liked what she stood for and her way of thinking. I am very much against taking pills for what ails you, thus Dr. Angela was my answer.

I would recommend Dr. Lambert to anyone who is not completely with the care they are receiving from their physician, and is open to alternative ways to healing. You will feel like a new person under Dr. Lambert’s care!


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I started seeing Dr. Lambert to deal with issues of chronic low energy, intermittent abdominal pain that I had for years, and an allergy and asthma duo that seemed to just be getting worse as time passed. I had conventional skin allergy testing done as I was suspecting a food allergy was a component given the constant nature of my symptoms. It all came back negative, as did all of my GI [gastro-intestinal] workups with both my primary MD and gastroenterologist. I was in my early 40s and burdened by the chronic health issues that I was dealing with. So I decided to explore some alternatives.

At one point during my intake, Angela suggested doing a GI Health Panel to see what it showed. A few months later, I did one and was floored to discover that I had giardia (that I probably had had for years) and was egg, dairy, and soy allergic. In the last year I have eliminated those from my diet for the most part. Amazingly, my allergies and asthma are gone and I no longer have abdominal pain.

I would highly recommend exploring your health issues with Angela. She is a true healer and a amazing acupuncturist.


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Dr. Angela's approach to caring for her patients can not be compared to any family practitioner I have ever encountered. Her credentials give me confidence that my health concerns are being thoroughly cared for, because she is open and fluent in discussing many avenues of treatment. My general health has improved since being with her, and I am confident my overall wellbeing will continue to flourish under her guidance. I discuss my health with many of my friends and suggest to them to meet with Dr. Angela. She is patient and a very caring individual. I am fortunate that a close friend offered me Dr. Angela’s number.

Debra, age 41

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I first came to Dr. Lambert when she was an LMT only, and learned a lot about acupuncture as she worked her way through school. My first acupuncture treatment came at a very difficult time in my life, and it helped me immensely. I find Angela to be a very gentle, sensitive, and thoughtful soul. Her ability to listen and then treat with precision has cured me, I believe, of some chronic pain in my back muscles. She is a delightful woman with a wonderfully dry sense of humor, and she welcomes all perspectives, treating all clients with respect and dignity.

RC age 41

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You asked more questions and probed deeper into my ailments than any other doctor I've seen. Thank you for your professionalism and for providing a well constructed path for my healing process.


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Being able to work with Angela has been one of the greatest gifts that I have been given. With her willingness to work with me at the level I need and more importantly to listen me, we have been able to use a variety of different solutions from acupuncture, massage and changes in diet in order to deliver a much healthier result in overall care. I always look forward to my time with Angela as I always leave in better overall shape…

Tom S, age 34

Dr. Lambert is a kind, gentle, and attentive doctor. She begins each session by listening -- such an important part of medicine. The acupuncture treatment I have received from her has practically erased deep muscle tension, helped to heal a shoulder injury, and has given me an overall sense of well-being which helps me every day. I look forward to and enjoy my sessions with Dr. Lambert, and would highly recommend her to anyone.

BR, female, age 42

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Angela gets to the core of an issue quickly. I know, because I’ve been to lots of Health Care Professionals, and have been skirting the issue for a while..

I have full confidence in her. If she doesn’t know something, she’ll find out.

Diane Dreizen
Life Coach

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I sincerely do not think I would be upright, able to sit and walk if it weren’t for your help. Physical Therapy helped with pain management, but your massage and acupuncture did the rest.

Denise, age 50

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After a motor vehicle accident I was referred by my massage therapist to Dr. Lambert, not knowing what to expect but hoping for relief other than large doses of Ibuprofen and muscle relaxants that make me just about comatose. I was desperate. The acupuncture treatments were not what I expected the results have been very effective for the soft tissue damage and pain, my consumption of the meds are few and far between. I now am an advocate I recommend and refer her to any one who suffers from chronic pain and well being. It has been an amazing experience.


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I have never been a person who suffered with menstrual problems until recently. Because my partner had never experienced a bad time of the month with me, he started to take it personally. As soon as I saw that it was causing a problem in my relationship, I got in to Dr. Lambert immediately. She actually fit me in the day that I called her, and I felt instant relief from my PMS symptoms. After the acupuncture, my bad mood had lifted, and the bad bloating I experienced had vanished! Acupuncture works!!!

BM, female, age 25

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